Village Deli

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Village Deli is a Bloomington classic. When it comes to breakfast, I think most would agree Village Deli is second to none. Nestled in the heart of Kirkwood, this restaurant is centrally located between downtown Bloomington and the IU campus, making it an ideal destination for both students and locals alike.

I’ve been to Village Deli numerous times during my three years in Bloomington and I can honestly say I’ve never left disappointed. They serve great food at reasonable prices in a welcoming atmosphere. I would even recommend visiting for lunch sometime. My personal favorite non-breakfast item on the menu is the “Croissant of My Dreams” - a grilled ham and swiss croissant sandwich. Village Deli is most well known for their pancakes though, appropriately dubbed “Our Famous, Colossal, Huge, Ginormous, Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes.”

During my last visit to Village Deli I ordered the “Jimmy the Greek” scrambler. It was a late Saturday morning and I was accompanied by four colleagues of mine from the business school. The scrambler was very good. It was a mixture of spinach, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and olives mixed with scrambled eggs. I am not particularly fond of olives, so I plucked them out, but that’s a matter of personal preference. The scrambler was served with home fries and whole wheat toast. Toast is toast in my opinion, but the home fries were particularly noteworthy. They were seasoned well and had a good potato-to-potato skin ratio. I would recommend the fries with ketchup, but they are good enough to be eaten by themselves too. I think the rest of the group enjoyed their food as much as I did. It’s been a few weeks since this particular visit, so I can’t remember exactly what everyone ordered, but I do know we all left satisfied (as I always do at Village Deli).

If you’re looking for a great breakfast/brunch destination, look no further than Village Deli. If the weather is nice out, consider dining at the picnic tables located just outside the front of the restaurant. You can watch the activity of all the people on Kirkwood while enjoying your breakfast. I recommend the pancakes, the Hoosier Scramble, or anything on the menu really! Bon Appétit!



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