Runcible Spoon

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Tonight I enjoyed a nice meal at Runcible Spoon with three dear friends of mine. The meal was fantastic. I have eaten at Runcible Spoon two other times, but it’s been at least a year since my last visit. The food was as good as I remember though. I ordered two chocolate chip pancakes that were legitimately the size of my face and I also had scrambled eggs on the side. The pancakes are as good as it gets. I don’t often eat breakfast for dinner, but Runcible Spoon does breakfast right and should be enjoyed at any time of the day. My friends ordered the egg benedict, the smoked salmon omelet, and the gypsy chicken. Each dish was well prepared and looked delicious. My friend Caio, who ordered the gypsy chicken could not fathom the idea of eating breakfast for dinner, but his dish looked as good as any of ours. I think I am convinced I will order the smoked salmon on my next visit to Runcible Spoon though. The salmon looked great, and I think it would complement a bagel and cream cheese very nicely.

I highly recommend Runcible to anyone, not just for the great food, but also for an outstanding atmosphere. The inside of the restaurant feels very homey and welcoming. The outdoor seating is always lovely for a warm summer night (tonight was a bit too chilly for us). Either way, Runcible Spoon is great place to eat with friends whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner - they should have something you will find appealing! Happy eating Bloomington!


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